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Our Products

We deal in the following variety of Pears:

Ya Pears | D Anjor Pears | Shandong Pear | Red Anjou | Peckhams

Ya Pears

The Ya pear or Chinese white pear is a type of pear. It is found in northern China, where it is grown for food. These are very delicately crunchy, juicy, white to light yellow pears. They taste like a mixture of a rose and a pineapple.

Location: China
Availability: January to May and August to December

D Anjor Pears

Commonly referred to by their French name, "d' Anjou," Anjou pears are the second-most recognizable pear variety in the United States. It's the most abundant variety, which means you'll find Green Anjou pears on produce stands in the U.S. nearly year round.

Location: USA
Availability: July to September

Shandong Pear

The pear is an edible pomaceous fruit produced by a tree of genus Pyrus. Pears have a distinctive bell shape fruit. Some pears have knobby lobes at the base of the fruit while others are smooth at the base.

Location: China
Availability: January to May and September to December

Red Anjou

Red Anjou pears are much like their green counterparts in all respects other than color. Their shape, flavor and texture are similar, and it's their deep, rich, maroon color that sets this variety apart, particularly as a showy pear among pears in a fruit bowl or basket.

Location: USA
Availability: July to August

Packham pears

Packham pears are a fairly new strain, developed in Australia. They are similar to the Bartlett in color and flavor, but have a rougher shape. Like the Bartlett it can be used for eating out of hand and cooking, although it should be on the firm side when used for the cooking.

Location: South Africa
Availability: March to August

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